Thoughts – you’re not always aware of them but when you are they tend not to shut up. A habit of blurting my internal monologue out when around people has become somewhat of a comedic aspect of my life – never has it been an issue when I let the words stream through my lips,… Continue reading Introduction


I look up to see Kane Wright – small but muscular – followed closely by his lanky counterpart Ste Jameson, who bared a concerning resemblance to a stick insect. Ste waved enthusiastically and dragged Kane over to chat with me, Kane grunted a low ‘y’alright’ in his usual gormless manner, and that familiar voice that… Continue reading Extract

Pride 2016

This is a story of two friends, male, who decide to go to Brighton for Gay Pride in the summer. The day is in it’s stages of dimming into night as Rion and David sit on the south-end of Preston Park, perching on a low wall, drinking and smoking to their hearts content. At this… Continue reading Pride 2016